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Seminar on Japanese Construction Technology in Thailand 2018

Advanced Construction Technology Center is hosting a forum to introduce new Japanese construction technologies, exchange information and facilitate mutual exchanges for local potential users. Our goal is to contribute to construction overseas.(A past activities)
The 3rd seminar will be scheduled in July 2018. The details are as follows.

Name Seminar on Japanese Construction Technology in Thailand 2018
Host Advanced Construction Technology Center
Support Embassy of Japan in Thailand
Ministry of Land,Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism
Japan International Cooperation Agency Thailand Office
Schedule Two days from July 18(Wed) to 19(Thu), 2018
10:00 ~ 16:30 (scheduled)
Place Embassy of Japan in Thailand 周辺地図

This is a free seminar.


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Technologies Presented at the Seminar

The technologies presented in this seminar are as shown below (The order of presentation is subject to change). The details of the seminar program will be published on this website as soon as they are finalized.

Technologies to be introduced:
①Soil improvement ②Revetment and embankment ③Flood control,Drainage ④Maintenance
July 18 (Wed.) (scheduled)
Technical Name:HGS Eco-Tube Drained Method
Abstract:This is a method of using permeable geosynthetlc tube to effectively utilize low quality soil dredged from rivers,lakes,ports,and harbors which normally have high water content and low strength.Water is gradually drained through geosynthetic tube.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Kajimaroad Co., Ltd. KRO Co., Ltd.
Technical Name:1.,Highly durable epoxy-based bonding agent for civil construction "KS-Bond"
2.,Infiltrating adhesives for Repair of concrete slabs "KS-Primer for Permeability"
Abstract:"KS-Bond" is the highly durable epoxy-based adhesive that is used as the bonding agent for bonding the fresh concrete to the existing steel or concrete structures.
"KS-Primer for Permeability" is the infiltrating adhesives for repairing concrete slabs. These products are structural adhesives that demonstrate superior performance in various construction methods, such as "bonded overlay method for roads and airports", "raising of various structures" in addition to "SFRC reinforcement method for orthotropic steel plate deck" and "adhesive bonding type cement concrete overlay method for concrete slab“.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Kyowa Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.
Technical Name:Large-sized Concrete Block revetment Method for Environmental conservation
「Simple Base」
Abstract:The concrete block products,which are used at rivers and irrigation channels, prevent erosion of slope surface primarily and expect to enhance natural environment such as vegetation. In addition, it is easy to install and construct bank revetment efficiently because of the largesized product.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:JDC Corporation
Technical Name:Twister Method
Abstract:“Twister Method” is capable to crush 2-3 kinds of construction generated materials by high rotary speed of some flexible chains in cylindrical main unit, and at the same time capable to mix all materials uniformly. Moreover, it is the unprecedented method to improve high-moisture content cohesive soil such as Bangkok Clay efficiently and effectively in terms of quality and productivity. In Japan, our Twister Method has been producing over 5 million m³ of improved soil for more than 200 projects so far.
Technologies to be introduced:
Technical Name:Lattice-Frame-Reinforced Sheet method
Abstract:It is a surface layer improvement method of soft ground. The breakwater is constructed due to coastal erosion but they are sinking. It is a serious problem in Thailand, because the breakwater is constructed on soft ground. We conducted a test installation to improve the measures against the soft ground at Samut sakon in 2017. The amount of settlement is currently being measured.
Technologies to be introduced:
Abstract:One of the vacuum consolodation method types, The efficient consolidation promoting can be expected with high vacuum system by ingenuities of excavation boundary and plumbing.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Technical Name:CC-iR (Cable Checker-intelligent Robot)
Abstract:This system provides visual cable integrity inspection for bridges. A cube box remote controlled robot with a built-in camera climbs up to the top of the bridge on the gripping cable. The image of the cable surface can be monitored and inspected on the screen continuously on site without any temporary support nor aerial works.
Technologies to be introduced:
July 19 (Thu.) (scheduled)
Technical Name:Plastic Rainwater Infiltration and Storage Facility 「New Trench-kun and New Pla-kun」 etc.
Abstract:Our products are Plastic Rainwater Infiltration and Storage Facilities (PRISF) for reduction of inundation damage and flood control. New Trench-kun is trench type facility and New Pla-kun has great reservoir effect.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Chemical Grouting Co.,Ltd.
Technical Name:ICECRETE
Abstract:ICECRETE is a ground stabilization technique which provides an artificially frozen soil by installing a freezing pipe underground, using natural refrigerants, and forming frozen soil around it. It is a significantly environmentally friendly technique since no material is left to the underground.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Kato Construction Co.,Ltd., JFE Metal Products & Engineering inc.
Technical Name:URBAN-LINER Method
Abstract:A jacking open caisson method constructed with standardized precast Reinforced Concrete products.
Technologies to be introduced:
Technical Name:Construction of large pumping stations by caisson method
Abstract:Introduction of construction technology of the world's largest pumping station constructed in Japan. The pumping station is constructed by the Pneumatic Caisson method, and this technology can contribute to Thailand as a flood countermeasure.
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Sanshin Corporation
Technical Name:V-JETMethod
Abstract:V-JET Method categorized to the jet grouting technology has remarkable features as follows;
・Special injection device achieving efficient installation
・Faster column installation more than 5m in diameter
・Considerable job experiences in Japan and overseas
・Successful installation in MRT project in Bangkok
・JMM technology estimating column diameter
・Multi Fan technology enabling wall-shaped installation
Technologies to be introduced:
Company:Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Technical Name:neo RiSe
Abstract:No energy, No operation flap gate type protection/mitigation technology for Tsunami, storm surge, and flooding, “neo RiSeⓇ”
Technologies to be introduced:

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